Alberta Centre for Advanced MNT Products: ACAMP

Alberta Centre for Advanced MNT Products — ACAMP

ACAMP provides specialized business services to micro- and nanotechnology (MNT) clients.

ACAMP's services bridge the gap between researchers, small start-up companies and established firms that have a potentially viable product and the help needed in developing it into a profitable business opportunity.

Alberta Ingenuity Fund: AIF

Alberta Ingenuity Fund — AIF

We are proud to receive support from the Alberta Ingenuity Fund, through several of their industry programs.

The Alberta Ingenuity Fund works to support science and engineering research with Alberta's prosperous future in mind; its mission is to build the capacity for innovation for long-lasting social and economic impact. Its billion dollar endowment was established and is managed by the Government of Alberta.

National Research Council Industrial Research Assistance Program: NRC-IRAP

NRC Industrial Research Assistance Program — NRC-IRAP

The National Research Council Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP) provides a range of both technical and business-oriented advisory services along with potential financial support to growth-oriented Canadian small- and medium-sized enterprises in all industrial sectors. Working directly with clients, NRC-IRAP supports innovative research and development and helps clients become commercialization-ready with their new products and services.

TEC Edmonton

TEC Edmonton

We are supported by TEC Edmonton who provide technology, entrepreneur, and company development services. These include:

  • flexible commercial lab and office space in the TEC Edmonton-managed TEC Centre;
  • access to Canada's largest network of angel investors through TEC Edmonton's Alberta Deal Generator Program;
  • communications support and regional exposure opportunities through JumpStart Programs such as TEC Connector; and
  • technology license negotiation and patenting support of University of Alberta inventions through the Technology Transfer Program.

This non-profit agency helps transform technological inventions and innovations into business opportunities.

University of Alberta: U of A

University of Alberta

The University of Alberta continues to support us through leading-edge researchers and technology transfer such as spin-off company creation. The U of A has also continued to support our development through licensing the use of new-patented inventions. In turn, we create high-skilled employment opportunities for the University's students, graduates, and former staff.

MicroSystems Technology Research Initiative: MSTRI

MicroSystems Technology Research Initiative — MSTRI

Established in the fall of 2000 and located on the University of Alberta campus within the Faculty of Engineering, MSTRI's goal is to foster the development of a Canadian microsystems industry through the support of innovative research projects, where the anticipated outcomes demonstrate a potential for crystallizing commercial opportunities.

MSTRI has received funding in support of its Programs and operations from the Alberta - Innovation Program and Alberta, Innovation and Science with a matching commitment from Western Economic Diversification Canada.